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Make the Most of Your Season

Client Dogs

"I purchased Jet from Limit Out Retrievers about 14 months ago. Grant bred this dog, and once she was about six months trained her. It appears to me that unlike many dog people I have known over the years he did an excellent job on both counts. Jet has got a “TON” of desire, fire, and prey drive. Is a super quick study! Also a tremendous, fun, loving personality and is just super in the house! "

Brad Bower

"I was fairly worried about the upcoming waterfowl season as my old lab Gunner was having problems getting around. After talking with Grant at Limit Out Retrievers, I decided to get a started 10 month old Black Lab named Beau. I was more than pleasantly surprised when I picked him up and started working with him. This dog is solid as a rock; he is steady and hits the water harder than any dog I have ever run. At 12 months old, he has already brought back 30+ ducks and many of them being hard to find birds. He is patient in the blind and heels right up to me. When ducks are setting, he locks up and doesn’t break until released, which is a rare quality in such a young dog. I would expect a dog that handles this well to be much older, which speaks volumes about the level of training that Grant does at his kennel. I have and will continue to recommend Limit Out Retrievers to anyone needing a gun dog. If you’re on the fence about where to get your next dog, I would highly recommend Limit Out Retrievers, you won’t be disappointed. "

Matt Atkinson & Beau